Hamasaki Ayumi          Japanese version

 I noticed a singer named Hamasaki Ayumi three months ago, in May 2001, and I have been thinking since then -- what she is like, how she has lived, why she can write such excellent lyrics, why she could create three masterpiece albums successively... And, recently at last, I have found my answers to the various questions as to her lyrics and herself. I hope this article will serve the purpose of solving the charming enigma of today, Hamasaki Ayumi, and lessening the misunderstandings flooding in the world. (There seems to be both low level and high level ones.) But my suppositions and interpretations may also include misunderstandings, of course. Please read it as a personal view. (August 2001)

 Mental Characteristics         Lyrics 
 "A Song for XX"           Article 1
 "LOVEppears"            Article 2
 "I am ..."(May 2002)
Addendum (May 2002)
"RAINBOW" (May 2003)
 Addendum (May 2003)
The PVs  (May 2003)
 Addendum (May 2004)

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